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M-SOP (Multi-Sensory Operatic Performance)

An innovative new form of performance art developed by Stephen Bentley-Klein and Sarah Grange which combines music, words and science with the effect of bringing powerful and beautiful experiences to all including those with sensory impairment. It aims to give access to the handicapped and also give mainstream members new perceptions by enhancing the different senses through technology and science.

M-SOP fuses the elements of opera (music, singing, staging, set and costume design, ballet) combined with choreographic sign language, cymatics, closed captions, vibration sensation stations, underwater processing and film.

The first performance of the pioneering creation “A Quiet Life” took place at the Tête-à-Tête Opera Festival in London on August 11th 2012. It has featured on BBC radio 3, BBC tv in See Hear and Gramaphone magazine states “this remarkable piece truly is a feast for all the senses and its unusual use of media is anything but a gimmick. Music is here crossing another barrier and taking another significant step forward towards true universality.”

“A Quiet Life” Opera by Stephen Bentley-Klein and Sarah Grange featured on BBC 2 See Hear, Click the link beneath to watch:
See Hear Episode 16

Demon Up for 5 nominations at the British Horror Film Festival Awards
Best Music
Best Cinematography
Best Director
Best Actor
Best Feature Film



Demon wins “Best Horror Feature Film”, “Best Actor” and “Best Make-up Effects”.

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